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Spring Break [22 Apr 2007|10:37am]
You can't really expect me to update during spring break can you?

But now that spring break is almost over, I'm here to update!

I spent most of the time with Danny, and then some with Tabby. But I got grounded on Thursday... stupid really. I had a bunch of chores to do. and I did them, but I didn't realize that taking out the garbage included the boxes by the door. Which have been there for 2 months at least. so you can see how I would forget about them. Since she didn't say anything about them.

So now I'm grounded until next Thursday, Fun stuff.

School only has about a month left now. Makes me nervous. Means Danny is leaving really soon now.

Need to bring me Algebraic connections grade up really bad. Got to get to work on scholarships too.

I have an ambitious goal: Pay for my undergrad degree without taking out student loans. Yeah I know, it'll never happen. But at least if I'm trying to do it, I wont fall into the trap of taking out any student loans I don't absolutely need.
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[16 Apr 2007|08:47am]
Well, life has been crazy lately.

My boyfriend and I broke up. Annnd then got back together, 2 days later. On Fri. 13th no less. After talking about it.... After I thought a lot about it, and told him, and he said okay, I'm going to college here. University of South Alabama. I can pay for most of it with the Universities scholarships. And then with a little bit of independent scholarships, I should be able to pay it all without taking out any student loans.. Haha yeah right. i say that now. I'll probably have to take out a dozen and a half. But oh well. Whatever comes comes, right?

Yay! For Spring Break!

T.T Danny leaves in a month and a half.
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Life... Yep [08 Apr 2007|08:08am]
[ mood | content ]

As promised, my twice weekly post:

Life has been... okay. I have been doing really badly in Algebriac connections. I missed a project and now my grade is really low. My mother is not pleased. I have an A in every other class though. Well, maybe a B in English, but that has the weight of a 4.0, so I'm not too concerned.

I've been trying to plan more for college, but it's becoming difficult. Danny leaves in less than two months now. I'm going to miss him soo much. I don't know what I'm going to do when he's gone.

I'm planning on doing blogathon again this year. And I've made a journal specifically for it. That way I don't kill everyone's friends page. just those who want to friend me. So that journal is: lynnblogathon

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Guess who's back. [04 Apr 2007|05:36am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow, it's been over 2 months since I last updated. But I miss my good Ol' Eljay. So I think I'm back. I'll try to update at least twice a week. Even if I'm just updating nonsince. But You like my nonsince right?

It's early now. So I don't have time to make a real update before school, but when I get home tonight, I'll see if I can't update about it all.

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Gah. [24 Jan 2007|05:57am]
So, fo those of you who want me to call you, it will take a while. Aparently, my mom is trying "harder than ever" to save money. So I can't call long distance anymore. I WILL call, I've just got to do it when she's not around. Which is the hard part. 

Her other way of "saving money" is not allowing me to turn on the heater. IN THE WINTER. 

You know we would save a lot more money if you wouldn't smoke and drink a HALF A BOTTLE OF WINE EVERY NIGHT! 
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There's nothing really to update. [17 Jan 2007|11:23am]
^^ Not much is going on right now. So there's not a lot to update about. But I just thought I would, so that you guys don't think I abandoned you... Again.
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School [04 Jan 2007|03:57pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Alright, so my classes look like this: First Block, Psychology. Second Block, Algebraic Connections. Third Block, Honors English Twelve. Fourth Block, Environmental Science.

Here's what I think:

Psychology sounds like it's going to be GREAT. Really cool teacher, The only bad part is it sounds like to a lot of people it will be a blow off class. I actually wish there was going to be more work.

Algebraic connections sounds like it's going to be a sucky, but easy class. I'm going to hate it, but it'll be easy so I can't complain to much. Plus Elizabeth is going to be in it, so I'll have someone to talk to.

English is going to be hard and easy at the same time. The work is easy, there's just a lot of it. It's my first Honor's class, and I'm so used to not doing anything that it'll be hard for me to break that mold. the teacher's really anal. But it's not TOO bad, because that means her lessons and things are really easy to follow. I think it'll make life easier for me.

The Env. Science teacher seems really nice. But I think she's going to be the kind of teacher that can't control her students. And I'm going to end up not liking the class because of the students. Seems really easy though.

Rumor has it grades come back on the 12th, but no official word yet. You see they like to not tell us anything. Keeps them guessing. Anyway I can't wait. I want to see how far up my GPA has gone.

Went to Molly and Sarah's birthday party on the first. We watched "Little Miss Sunshine" Stuffed our faces with food, and talked. Towards the end was pretty uncomfortable for me, just because it was a bad anniversary for me. But no harm done. I had a good time in spite of it. I finally met Alex (cheetagrrl) who I've known online for awhile. I found out she's a Jew. I love Jews. I don't know why, I just do. Ever since Jocelyn and Tabby, I can't help but love Jews. Am I crazy? Yeah maybe.

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Molly & Sarah [01 Jan 2007|10:34am]
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Mmmm Work. [30 Dec 2006|08:45am]
So... Day before yesterday, I went to do a temp job at Integrity Distribution Center. Where Andrew works. Integrity is a company that distributes all the religious shit you could possible think of. They hired about 20 temps to help with inventory. And my thoughts at the end of the day is simply "I had no idea there was THIS much religious crap out there in the world."

I made 7.25 for ten hours of work. So not bad. Plus free KFC. Aside from the fact that I ached in many places afterword, it wasn't a bad job. The people there are really nice. When I turn 18 I think I'm going to get a job there.

Life's been pretty good the last couple of days aside from being dog sick. But I'm better now, so all's well. School starts again the 4th. Fun stuff.

KRISTINA!! Every time I try to call you, the phone is either off, or it rings forever. We need a time I can call and I can actually get through! I <3 You.
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Well, it's Christmas. Or the day after. [26 Dec 2006|08:55am]
[ mood | crazy ]

My mom went on and on about how we're not celebrating Christmas anymore. Which I was all for. I'm very anti-consumer. It was fine the last two year we didn't celebrate Christmas. But this year she caved under the family. That's what moving back to your hometown will get you. You know, Christmas is a really great time of year. If you forget the people getting into wrecks trying to get to the store faster. The people who cuss eachother out, and get into all out fights to get the latest PS3 or Wii or whatever. If Christmas was still about Values and helping people, and giving, it would all be okay. But that's not what it's about so I'd rather just leave it behind.

So, since we celebrated Christmas we went over to my Uncles house, and a bunch of people I either don't know, or don't like were there. Where my uncle blared Hillbilly Christmas carols, they got into a religious debate over eating dear, and my Pawpaw's girlfriend looked through my PSP. It was all I could do to keep her out of the photo section. You see it would have been bad if she had see the sexy naked pictures I have in there. It wouldn't have been so bad if it's wasn't for the fact that they are sexy naked pictures of GIRLS.

I did get gifts, and that's nice, but again. Anti-consumer. I hate the idea of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off to give me things. But they did.

Soft fuzzy blanket fro Andrew
Soft fuzzy Teddy bear from Danny
Soft fuzzy scarf from Crystal
Pink soft fuzzy SOCKS from Aunt Judy (Safe to say I wont be wearing those)
Black gloves, beanie and scarf set from Mom
Little black purse from Wanda. (The zipper doesn't work, so I'll take it back and get a bigger one with a longer strap)
$50 American Express gift card from Pawpaw
$50 Gamestop gift card from Mom
$50 Books-A-Million gift card from Mom
Incense and Diffuser from Mom
Heater from Mom
Shower Radio from Mom
Bath Salts from Aunt Judy
$100 in cash from Mom.

Good stuff. Love it. And don't get me wrong. I do appreciate it.

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Schooooools Out... Not for the Summer though, :( [22 Dec 2006|10:39am]
[ mood | Not to bad ]

So yeah,

I have no idea what I made in my 1st, or 3rd blocks.

But in 2nd and 4th, it was like this,

2nd (US History) - Class Grade= 99
- CRT Grade= 96

4th (Mythology) - Class Grade= 97
- CRT Grade= 100


Now I have about 2 weeks to myself. Except I have to read Whithering Heights.

Next Semester looks like this:

Environmental Science
Honors English 12
Algebraic Connections

Not necessarily in that order.

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[18 Dec 2006|06:25pm]
[ mood | Eh ]

"Father of mine
Tell me where have you been
You know I just closed my eyes
My whole world disappeared
Father of mine
Take me back to the day
When I was still your golden boy
Back before you went away

I remember blue skies
Walking the block
I loved it when you held me high
I loved to hear you talk
You would take me to the movie
You would take me to the beach
You would take me to a place inside
That is so hard to reach

Father of mine
Tell me where did you go
You had the world inside your hand
But you did not seem to know
Father of mine
Tell me what do you see
When you look back at your wasted life
And you dont see me

I was ten years old
Doing all that I could
It wasnt easy for me
To be a scared white boy
In a black neighborhood
Sometimes you would send me a birthday card
With a five dollar bill
I never understood you then
And I guess I never will

Daddy gave me a name
My dad he gave me a name
Then he walked away
Daddy gave me a name
Then he walked away
My daddy gave me a name

Father of mine
Tell me where have you been
I just closed my eyes
And the world disappeared
Father of mine
Tell me how do you sleep
With the children you abandoned
And the wife I saw you beat

I will never be safe
I will never be sane
I will always be weird inside
I will always be lame
Now Im a grown man
With a child of my own
And I swear Im not going to let her know
All the pain I have known"

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Whay are you hugging me? He told me to [17 Dec 2006|12:58pm]
Lalala. Just one more week of school! W007!

So, what if gays went on strike? No one could get their hair cut that's for sure.

Only gay people can successfully crack gay jokes. That must be why I'm so successful Go Me!

This post has no point. Really.
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I've got a jar of dirt, I've got a jar of dirt. And guess what's in it! [15 Dec 2006|05:58am]
[ mood | Disgusted ]

So I have a history test I am 100% unprepared for. I mean, you don't get much more unprepared. Considering, I haven't even looked at the two chapter it's covering. I'm going to fail my first test this semester, and it's the end of the year. I have to say that since the lowest grade I've ever made in this class was an 86, I can afford one bad grade. I have a 98 in the class.

What I'm worried about is my 1st block class in which I have an 86 overall grade. I need to bring it up. I need to keep all A's so I can bring up my GPA from the shithole place it's currently in.

Everyday I lose faith in humanity just a little bit more. The other day in History we were watching "The Last Days" which is a documentary Steven Spielberg did on the Holocaust. It tells the story of 5 survivors. And there's this one Hungarian woman that SURVIVED Auschwitz, the Death March to Dachou, and was then liberated by the Americans. And she tells you about how he mother had given her these diamonds and told her to hide them in the hem of her skirt. But once she gets to Auschwitz she has to swallow them. And all throughout the Holocaust she swallows them and has to go later to find them. And people in my class are making horrible jokes about it, and laughing. And I just don't understand how people can do that. How they can not realize how terrible it is, and how disgusting they are being. I'm slowly, or not so slowly, coming to the conclusion that I hate almost everyone.

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Mixed updates? [10 Dec 2006|08:26am]
[ mood | Mixed ]

Have you seen Hostel? I saw about the first half of it last night. And I was just wondering if maybe that movie should have been rated NC-17? I mean damn. The first half was just really bad porn. Seems to me it's just a squashed together version of Eurotrip and Saw. But I'll wait to see the second half before I pass real judgment.

I think I'm finally getting really happy again. It's a very odd feeling. I haven't been this happy without something coming along a fucking it all up in longer than I can remember. Maybe I should be afraid?

Only 12 days left in this semester. Can I get a w007!? Or not... Of course that might not be such a good thing. That means I'm just that much closer to Marine Biology, Zoology, Algebraic Connections, and English 12. Not a single elective. Maybe I'll get lucky again next semester and not get the really bad teachers. There wasn't a single teacher this semester that made me dread the class. There were some that were bad, but none so bad that I dreaded going to class.

I miss Houston.

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Burrrr [09 Dec 2006|08:38am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

It's freaking cold. I swear Alabama has two seasons. Summer and Winter. They just decided that they didn't like that yucky in between period. It just goes straight from Hot to Cold, and then goes back again.

I'm going to go to the councilors office Monday and request to change some of my regular classes for Honors. I might not make straight A's any more, but at least I'll get away from the constant idiocy of my regular classes. I can't stand it. I hate to generalize, but almost everyone of them are ghetto/redneck idiots, they don't seem like they can understand just basic concepts. And it drives me crazy.

You'd think that if every time a person in the class asked to cheat off me, and I said "No" then they would stop asking, but do they? No they don't. Almost every single day someone asks. Everyday

All of my friends are leaving me. Alex left for College. Michael's leaving in January for College. Danny's leaving in 6 Months for Basic Training. What ever will I do?

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[05 Dec 2006|07:21pm]
It's 7 o'clock and I'm already sleepy. Just a little pathetic? Yush!

So, life's been pretty boring on the whole. Someone wanna spice it up? I had a great time last night, first time in awhile since I had soo much fun. Have you ever tried to see how fast your car could go from 0 to 60? Well, I can tell you what's really fun, is seeing how fast it can go from 60 to 0. Especially in an old station wagon with four people piled in the back.

*Nagging mother's voice in my ear* "It's all fun an' games til' somebody loses an eye" *Brandishes cane at me*

Awww, who needs her?
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Jaimie's Back. Woah. [03 Dec 2006|05:14pm]
Wow, 15 weeks since last I updated. You can all stone me now.

As you can clearly see, I'm free again. Have been for awhile actually. But I really only just got settled into that crazy thing called life. I quit my job, which I am very happy about. It was a crappy job, but I do need a new one. School is going well. Straight A's. That's a bit different for me. Speaking of grades, I just got me ACT scores back. A 24 on my first attempt. Good enough to get into college, not good enough to get the good scholarships. I'll be taking it again in February. I got a fancy booklet in hopes that I can really raise my score.

I think I'll start updating regularly again. See you soon!
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I'm sorry guys. [18 Aug 2006|03:28pm]
I'm Sorry Guys. I love you all and you know that. But I am SWAMPED with stuff. I mean really. I have school, plus I now have a job. A Job that is pumping me full of hours. Like 33 Hours this week plus my actual virtually none existent life. I just don't have time for this Eljay. I'm keeping it up, and I'll update once in a loooooooong while.

But this my hiatus notice.
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Weeeee work. [12 Aug 2006|08:30am]
Yay, I have to go to work soon. To make $3.25 an hour, and live as a minimum wage slave. But at least I make money. And to justify my existance on this journal, here's some content:

"Today the news hit that Prince, formerly the artist formerly known as Prince, formerly known as a rejected Webdings Symbol, will sever ties with his wife of five years.

To which we're all saying, 'he was married?'"
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