The crazy one... In chains. (ascarredbody) wrote,
The crazy one... In chains.

Jaimie's Back. Woah.

Wow, 15 weeks since last I updated. You can all stone me now.

As you can clearly see, I'm free again. Have been for awhile actually. But I really only just got settled into that crazy thing called life. I quit my job, which I am very happy about. It was a crappy job, but I do need a new one. School is going well. Straight A's. That's a bit different for me. Speaking of grades, I just got me ACT scores back. A 24 on my first attempt. Good enough to get into college, not good enough to get the good scholarships. I'll be taking it again in February. I got a fancy booklet in hopes that I can really raise my score.

I think I'll start updating regularly again. See you soon!
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