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It's freaking cold. I swear Alabama has two seasons. Summer and Winter. They just decided that they didn't like that yucky in between period. It just goes straight from Hot to Cold, and then goes back again.

I'm going to go to the councilors office Monday and request to change some of my regular classes for Honors. I might not make straight A's any more, but at least I'll get away from the constant idiocy of my regular classes. I can't stand it. I hate to generalize, but almost everyone of them are ghetto/redneck idiots, they don't seem like they can understand just basic concepts. And it drives me crazy.

You'd think that if every time a person in the class asked to cheat off me, and I said "No" then they would stop asking, but do they? No they don't. Almost every single day someone asks. Everyday

All of my friends are leaving me. Alex left for College. Michael's leaving in January for College. Danny's leaving in 6 Months for Basic Training. What ever will I do?
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