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Mixed updates?

Have you seen Hostel? I saw about the first half of it last night. And I was just wondering if maybe that movie should have been rated NC-17? I mean damn. The first half was just really bad porn. Seems to me it's just a squashed together version of Eurotrip and Saw. But I'll wait to see the second half before I pass real judgment.

I think I'm finally getting really happy again. It's a very odd feeling. I haven't been this happy without something coming along a fucking it all up in longer than I can remember. Maybe I should be afraid?

Only 12 days left in this semester. Can I get a w007!? Or not... Of course that might not be such a good thing. That means I'm just that much closer to Marine Biology, Zoology, Algebraic Connections, and English 12. Not a single elective. Maybe I'll get lucky again next semester and not get the really bad teachers. There wasn't a single teacher this semester that made me dread the class. There were some that were bad, but none so bad that I dreaded going to class.

I miss Houston.
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