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Well, it's Christmas. Or the day after.

My mom went on and on about how we're not celebrating Christmas anymore. Which I was all for. I'm very anti-consumer. It was fine the last two year we didn't celebrate Christmas. But this year she caved under the family. That's what moving back to your hometown will get you. You know, Christmas is a really great time of year. If you forget the people getting into wrecks trying to get to the store faster. The people who cuss eachother out, and get into all out fights to get the latest PS3 or Wii or whatever. If Christmas was still about Values and helping people, and giving, it would all be okay. But that's not what it's about so I'd rather just leave it behind.

So, since we celebrated Christmas we went over to my Uncles house, and a bunch of people I either don't know, or don't like were there. Where my uncle blared Hillbilly Christmas carols, they got into a religious debate over eating dear, and my Pawpaw's girlfriend looked through my PSP. It was all I could do to keep her out of the photo section. You see it would have been bad if she had see the sexy naked pictures I have in there. It wouldn't have been so bad if it's wasn't for the fact that they are sexy naked pictures of GIRLS.

I did get gifts, and that's nice, but again. Anti-consumer. I hate the idea of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off to give me things. But they did.

Soft fuzzy blanket fro Andrew
Soft fuzzy Teddy bear from Danny
Soft fuzzy scarf from Crystal
Pink soft fuzzy SOCKS from Aunt Judy (Safe to say I wont be wearing those)
Black gloves, beanie and scarf set from Mom
Little black purse from Wanda. (The zipper doesn't work, so I'll take it back and get a bigger one with a longer strap)
$50 American Express gift card from Pawpaw
$50 Gamestop gift card from Mom
$50 Books-A-Million gift card from Mom
Incense and Diffuser from Mom
Heater from Mom
Shower Radio from Mom
Bath Salts from Aunt Judy
$100 in cash from Mom.

Good stuff. Love it. And don't get me wrong. I do appreciate it.
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