The crazy one... In chains. (ascarredbody) wrote,
The crazy one... In chains.

Mmmm Work.

So... Day before yesterday, I went to do a temp job at Integrity Distribution Center. Where Andrew works. Integrity is a company that distributes all the religious shit you could possible think of. They hired about 20 temps to help with inventory. And my thoughts at the end of the day is simply "I had no idea there was THIS much religious crap out there in the world."

I made 7.25 for ten hours of work. So not bad. Plus free KFC. Aside from the fact that I ached in many places afterword, it wasn't a bad job. The people there are really nice. When I turn 18 I think I'm going to get a job there.

Life's been pretty good the last couple of days aside from being dog sick. But I'm better now, so all's well. School starts again the 4th. Fun stuff.

KRISTINA!! Every time I try to call you, the phone is either off, or it rings forever. We need a time I can call and I can actually get through! I <3 You.
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