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Alright, so my classes look like this: First Block, Psychology. Second Block, Algebraic Connections. Third Block, Honors English Twelve. Fourth Block, Environmental Science.

Here's what I think:

Psychology sounds like it's going to be GREAT. Really cool teacher, The only bad part is it sounds like to a lot of people it will be a blow off class. I actually wish there was going to be more work.

Algebraic connections sounds like it's going to be a sucky, but easy class. I'm going to hate it, but it'll be easy so I can't complain to much. Plus Elizabeth is going to be in it, so I'll have someone to talk to.

English is going to be hard and easy at the same time. The work is easy, there's just a lot of it. It's my first Honor's class, and I'm so used to not doing anything that it'll be hard for me to break that mold. the teacher's really anal. But it's not TOO bad, because that means her lessons and things are really easy to follow. I think it'll make life easier for me.

The Env. Science teacher seems really nice. But I think she's going to be the kind of teacher that can't control her students. And I'm going to end up not liking the class because of the students. Seems really easy though.

Rumor has it grades come back on the 12th, but no official word yet. You see they like to not tell us anything. Keeps them guessing. Anyway I can't wait. I want to see how far up my GPA has gone.

Went to Molly and Sarah's birthday party on the first. We watched "Little Miss Sunshine" Stuffed our faces with food, and talked. Towards the end was pretty uncomfortable for me, just because it was a bad anniversary for me. But no harm done. I had a good time in spite of it. I finally met Alex (cheetagrrl) who I've known online for awhile. I found out she's a Jew. I love Jews. I don't know why, I just do. Ever since Jocelyn and Tabby, I can't help but love Jews. Am I crazy? Yeah maybe.

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