The crazy one... In chains. (ascarredbody) wrote,
The crazy one... In chains.

Spring Break

You can't really expect me to update during spring break can you?

But now that spring break is almost over, I'm here to update!

I spent most of the time with Danny, and then some with Tabby. But I got grounded on Thursday... stupid really. I had a bunch of chores to do. and I did them, but I didn't realize that taking out the garbage included the boxes by the door. Which have been there for 2 months at least. so you can see how I would forget about them. Since she didn't say anything about them.

So now I'm grounded until next Thursday, Fun stuff.

School only has about a month left now. Makes me nervous. Means Danny is leaving really soon now.

Need to bring me Algebraic connections grade up really bad. Got to get to work on scholarships too.

I have an ambitious goal: Pay for my undergrad degree without taking out student loans. Yeah I know, it'll never happen. But at least if I'm trying to do it, I wont fall into the trap of taking out any student loans I don't absolutely need.
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